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Madrid glossed over

A Load of Bull: an Englishman’s adventures in Madrid by Tim Parfitt

Its the late 1980’s. Publishing giant Vogue aims to launch in Spain. With six weeks to go, and production dangerously behind schedule, a young and naive Tim Parfitt is sent from London to Madrid to get things back on track.

Fighting culture shock, lousy bedsits and haphazard mealtimes, Tim saves the day. The Spanish don’t want him to leave. Six weeks turns into nine years of intensive Spanish lessons, serial flathunting and massaging the egos of the rich and famous, all distilled into this slim volume. Read more…


The Ghosts of Belfast by Stuart Neville

This crime thriller skilfully weaves almost-fact and fiction into an ever-tightening web of revenge, betrayal and violence.

Former IRA killer Gerry Fegan is haunted by the ghosts of the twelve people he murdered at the behest of his masters during The Troubles. And the ghosts will not let him rest until he has despatched those who gave the orders to kill. Read more…