Museum of Georgia: Jewellery Collection – gold

On Tblisi’s grandest boulevard, Rustavlis Gamziri, stands the Museum of Georgia. And in the basement of the Museum of Georgia, you’ll find the Archaeological Treasury, a breathtaking array of jewellery made from gold and precious stones, that dates back to the 3rd century BC. Here are a few of my personal favourites from the Treasury.

From the 2nd century BC, this stunning necklace of gold beads with an agate centrepiece.


From the mid 5th century BC – gold necklace with tortoise design. The eyes of the larger tortoises are inlaid with glass.

From the mid 5th century BC – gold necklace with leaf design.


Its no exaggeration to say that time stood still for me in the Archaeological Treasury. Never before have I stood in such awe of jewellers: these are people who fashioned such beautiful pieces all those millennia ago with just a fraction of the technology available today.

Really, I can’t recommend this museum enough. The display cases contain a lot of information about each piece, and in the central foyer is a summary of the press coverage that accompanied the collection during its tour of the Western world back in the early “noughties”. But its extra special on its home turf. Any jewellery lover will be in seventh heaven here – I promise you!


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